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Alright, have fun analyzing.

OK19 out!


I’m calling it SEER OF BREATH.

Thanks so much! I can see this being my classpect, I definitely do. So as a seer of breath my duties are to redirect things through guidance, right? What do you think that would entail are far as powers go? Just curious.

Again, thank you. :D

Hmm.. Well although this is incredibly interesting and enlightening, I’m not quite sure if it suits me as much anymore. However, this is very helpful information that I can make use of for a later date, so thank you.

I don’t know if this necessarily means that I’m not a seer, but several points don’t match up.

I find that I’m much more of a finder, seeker, and guide than I am an adviser. I do direct people but I think that’s more closely related to the breath traits. I’m actually the one who pulls the strings to harmonize people rather than inform I suppose. And just in general I find that I tend to gravitate towards the ninja/spy and puppeteer than I do a prophet. In-taking information from conversations and then later telling others to act as a buffer to keep the peace.


I need to catch myself before I fall into the spiral of ‘what if” again.

I do have most of the traits listed, but perhaps maybe my methodology could be more in line with different class and just have similar traits.
Just a thought.

Or maybe I’m just doing a bad job of being a seer. i don’t know, but in any case I do want to thank you for doing a fantastic job of finding my classpect. It’s incredibly good and you should be proud of yourself. :)

(P.S. Just some food for thought, perhaps there is a connection between what people choose to dress up as (halloween, cosplay, etc.) and who they are and what they want to project to others. Perhaps this could be an indicator? Let me know what you think.)


I’m starting to have Maid of Breath feels again.  I’m probably biased on the Maid since I thought about it for myself and so it stands out to me more than other classes.  But anyways.


I really do feel that you’re a Hero of Breath, but I haven’t gone in-depth about any other classes besides Seer and Maid.  I can have another think about classes and get back to you if you like.

If you could I’d really appreciate it :)

Maid sounds right in many way, but i’m a guy so… I don’t know if that works.

I think its coming down to rogue, page and seer. I’ve played around the idea of rogue and seer for along time now and they would work but i’m not completely sure. The page role isn’t well suited to me i think, but what you’ve said here may have some validity to it. Either way i’m not big on pages. But I think you’ve nailed me with breath and it fits! i’m glad I know now :)

I also found that racing turtles post really fascinating, especially on the part with how some aspects from others’ leak into you at times. I think it’s where my light tendencies developed from, from my step-father. But I am the breath (◡‿◡✿)

So yeah let’s discuss it. Thanks btw :D


It seems that the Seer is responsible for managing information (finding, understanding, and then deciding whether to pass it on to teammates or conceal it), whereas you are more likely to act on your own information.  While it’s still possible for a Seer to act on her own information, you seem to be taking a more active role than the Seer would.

I don’t think you’d be a Page of Breath if your sole evidence is that you could be a Maid of Breath, since the classes don’t really mirror each other that way.  The Maid, IMO, is the active class who works independently to create her aspect and is ultimately responsible for maintaining the health of her entire aspect.  On the other hand, the Page is the passive class who does not act but simply survives, nursing his aspect, until he has built up enough aspect, character growth, and cojones to realize his full potential as a near-infinite source of his aspect.  Or something like that, maybe.

You’ve suggested the possibility of being a Rogue.  As the Rogue of Breath, you would be able to steal Breath and you would be responsible for quietly supporting your team via your Breathy abilities.  God-tier powers could include taking away the motivation of a hot-headed teammate before they rush off to a bad decision, or cutting off communication if an enemy is trying some sort of hypnotic Suggestion on your teammate (perhaps by raising the Breeze to such a gale that no one can hear each other?).  The popular Rogue fan theory suggests that the Rogue reallocates her aspect by stealing it from enemies and giving it to her friends, unlike Vriska who stole luck from her enemies and gave it to herself.  For a Rogue of Breath, this could manifest literally as stealing the wind from your enemies’ sails and using it to propel your own team forward :D  Heroes of Breath seem to subconsciously affect their teammates, so your friends would probably pick up your Suggestions just by being near you, without anyone being aware of what you’re doing (possibly including you).

Character growth-wise, Rogues tend to act from the shadows and aren’t obvious in how they help their team.  Unfortunately, this means that their teammates often don’t recognize the Rogue’s actions nor offer support to the Rogue.  The Rogue has difficulty balancing her selfless supporting role with her own wants and desires, and allowing her desires to overrule her role can be harmful to the teammates she’s supposed to help.  I’m having a lot of trouble describing this succinctly so here’s zenoanalysis on the subject:

As I said at the start, I’m not terribly sure of the Rogue-Arc, but here’s what I think it is. Rogues start off lacking confidence, and craving contact. They hide themselves and their desires in various ways to cope with this shyness and doubt. They face romantic disappointments arising from their inability to give those they cherish what they want to be given(Karkat honesty, trust, and the acceptance they symbolize; Dirk maleness and an escape from himself; Damara fidelity). As part of these disappointments they face a choice between denying or pursuing their desires, and they must read the situation correctly, and find the courage within themselves, to take the “healthy” course, no matter how painful(Roxy accepting that she can never have Dirk as a partner), dangerous(Nepeta, an Alternian, choosing to be honest and vulnerable about her feelings for Karkat), or frightening(Rufioh telling Horrus and Damara he doesn’t want either of them, and that fidelity isn’t something he can promise) it may be.


Tl;dr: Rogues need to learn when to “come out of the shadows” and when it’s best to stay in them, they need to learn that it’s ok to “take”, and they need to learn when it’s best to do so, and when to “give”. 

However, based on your most recent response, I would suggest looking into the Mage of Breath.  I consider the Mage to be the active “knowledge” class who has intuitive knowledge of their aspect and utilizes it to solve their teammates’ problems.  Where a Seer would assist with a friend’s flat tire by talking them through the best way to fix it, a Mage would just fix the tire himself.

Unlike the Seer’s comprehensive knowledge of her aspect, a Mage’s knowledge is more general and spotty.  In the flat tire scenario, a Seer of Cars would have the equivalent of a doctorate in Car Mechanics and know everything about how a car runs, including the absolute best and most efficient way to not just change a tire but also maintain your tires in such good condition that they rarely need changing anyway, and would write the best Wikihow pages.  A Mage of Cars probably grew up on car electronic craft kits and got a part-time job in a garage due to his natural affinity for car mechanics and just getting his hands on engines and understanding which pieces do what and go where, and even though he gives terrible over-the-phone instructions for your flat tire he’ll drive over and do the whole thing himself in 30 seconds.

deliverusfromsburb has a fairly short description of a Mage of Breath which I will quote in its entirety:

Anonymous said: Hey. How would a Mage of Breath operate?

As I’ve been saying, I’m not super stable on the Mage class. (Well I mean I’m not super stable on any of these, it’s all speculation, but here I have very little to work with.) Some possibilities:

A Mage of Breath would probably pay a lot of attention to how people interact and communicate. They would know how to get people to cooperate and how to convince people to do what they want.

Instead of simply making use of the Breeze when it suited them, like John does, they would make an effort to understand it and utilize it systematically both on their land and throughout the Incipisphere. While much of John’s Breathy power comes out instinctively or even unconsciously, a Mage would seek to understand and regulate their abilities.

Going off my idea that Mages can be overwhelmed by their Aspect, a Mage of Breath might feel constantly pulled in different directions or overloaded with information. They might also be flighty and difficult to work with - or, if they’ve mastered Breath’s suggestive power, a dangerously persuasive individual. 

A Mage’s character growth seems to include sacrifice to and acceptance of their aspect.  Sollux lost his sight but was absolutely fine with it, asking Terezi to give him tips on being blind, and later accepted that his story ended with the destruction of the B1 universe and chose to stay in the dream bubbles with Aradia.  (Of course this could be a Doom thing since Mituna lost his mind, and I don’t doubt Heroes of Doom have it worse, but Mituna is not really in a good enough state of mind to accept his new state of mind.)  Meulin lost her hearing to her then-matesprit and accepted her deafness, learning sign language to communicate with Kurloz as well as lip reading to continue communicating with the rest of her ship victims I mean friends.

(As for the costume/cosplay idea, I think some people take it as an opportunity to wear clothes they like but aren’t socially appropriate, where others just go with whatever costume is easiest and requires the least work.  I haven’t worn a Halloween costume since high school but every Halloween I slather real-looking fake blood on my face and scare the hell out of my friends who really should know better by now.  What does that say about me? :D )

geez it’s been awhile, sorry I haven’t responded :/

hey so although i have consider what you have said, i believe at this point I think i may be a rogue of mind due to outside influences and personality information that I have failed to mention without me writing it down. I mean I think breath fits in someways but I’m not sure if it’s who I need to be or comprises everything that defines me. I’m really focused on identity, persona, and who people are. It’s the reason why I ran teleoburbs in the first place.

Idk. I didn’t mention that I have cycles of obsession. I’m obsessed over options and strategy and evolution. When I was young I studied dinosaurs intensely. Sure yeah, most kids like dinosaurs, but me, I friggin studied that shit. I went to natural history museums all the time, learned and understood the theory of evolution from an extremely young age, and read huge books on dinosaurs to understand the origins of which species became what, just for fun.

Then when I entered elementary school, (yes i just said elementary school, so that means dinos started preschool) I learned about Pokemon and Immersed myself, like most kids in the 90s. But I took it in, and studied strategy and everything there possibly was from then til now. I could explain every move, every Pokemon, every item, every damn thing if you wanted me to. I went to bed reading Pokemon dictionaries. But most people didn’t understand my level of commitment so i never talked about it much to preserve my image or persona at school and such. Remained quiet about my understanding of it all. And those were only my strongest obsessions; I studied biology, chess, history, mythology, philosophy, spirituality, birding, fire-starting, animals, geology, writing, movies, the human mind, and more with intensity. You should see my room. I don’t obsess over everything I can get my hands on, just the select few that I find mentally challenging and though provoking.

Anyways, that brings me to Homestuck. I related everything to it and I’ve read it already 3 times through. I’m obsessing over it with a mix of identity. The reason being is that Identity is the most powerful aspect of the entire web-comic. It decides what role each player plays and can make or break entire sessions and in turn the universes. Which is amazing if your think about it.

I really should have put this in the first post but i might as well elaborate…I’m an over-thinker like I’ve mentioned before, but its my most defining trait. My family knows me as the smart one, who can figure things out, and the ponderer who will ask thought provoking questions (often eccentric or related to who people are), and who often knows obscure information. My family and friends seek advice from me at times, primarily on knowledge related questions or on emotional support. I’m easy-going, adaptable, a good listener, a collaborator, self-efficient, considerate, critical, kind, patient, the one who makes things easier on others, selfless, eccentric, talented, spacy, soft-spoken, intelligent, out-going, talkative (as you can see), open-minded, perceptive, curious, ambitious, persuasive, appreciative, and concerned.

I share my mind with professors, friends, family and people, which often results in changing theirs. I’m verbally persuasive, sometimes the only one who can get my brothers to change or talk when my parents have no affect. To be honest, I’m actually a good liar, but I don’t do it often, only when necessary, and when I do I am very convincing. I’m culturally aware and when it comes to language I sometimes act like a translator. I can hear what people mean through use of tone, body language, and wording which allows me to understand their perspective. <transition>I’m a true neutral and I see all perspectives. Which is partly why I’m studying psychology and I have aspirations to become a character designer and storyboard artist, the ability to visualize what people are thinking. And my mentality and belief system are in line with green anarchy, karma, the Myth of Er, purpose, and nature’s neutrality.

I have plans, goals, I do well in school and I want a lot in life. I’m very meta conscious of my life and who I am and because of it I feel the need to confirm my thoughts on the matter of who I am which is why I’m writing this.

<As for your question on the Halloween costume, perhaps the joy of scaring your friends with the blood is some sort of mind game because like you said, ‘they should know you by now’ but because they were still weird-ed out by it, it brings you personal bliss.

see this page:

and then this: >

I felt it was suitable to mention all of this but i think I’m going to have to agree with your original evaluation of seer/mage of breath. I’m just avoiding being tied down which is really telling anyways. so yeah. Thanks for the analysis :D



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